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Quick Control System

Quick Color Control System consists of a series of electronic devices to operate and control the Quick RGBW and tunable white LED devices. 4 different light settings, and you can adjust the color and light intensity of any zone. Certifications CE, SELV, III Class, IP20.

Quick Nautical Network

Innovative system based on the QNN Gateway that allows Quick systems to be integrated with the latest generation of navigation panels. It can receive all of the different protocols used by Quick devices, including lights, and convert them into the HTML5 protocol to be integrated with all the chart plotters on the market. Compatible with DMX display, management device, dimmer and drivers to adjust light intensity and colour of the Quick RGBW and Tunable white LED devices. Certifications: CE, SELV, III Class, IP67.

4-150 W | Constant voltage version for power LED

• Independent driver
• Typical ripple current < 3%
• Screwable terminals connection: 2.5 mmq
• Class II protection
• Nominal life-time up to 50.000h at tc max

IP20 | TUV | CE

Power Supplies AC-DC
Max load: 45-60-240 W

50-100-150W | CE | RoHS SELV

DC-DC Converter

One or Two channels | for RGBW systems | IP20

50 W @ 12 V - 100 W @ 24 V (standard)
75 W @ 12 V - 150 W @ 24 V (RGBW)

The Quicklighting dimmers have been especially studied to adjust light intensity of the LED devices of the range.
Reliable and precise, they allow to control one or more LED light sources, there are also 4 channel models able to adjust RGB light plus white.

Raceway (support and diffuser), Drivers and End caps for Strip Led.

Frames for downlights (up to 3 lights)

• The NK frames has been created to fit the Nikita / Nikita AG
• KXP: square and oval frames with low profiles, for KAI XP LP and KOR XP LP